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Marché de printemps 7 Avril 2019

13 mai 15:43, par Lieselotte

the three biggest mistakes people make:1) the desire
to become rich in just a few days or hours : IMPOSSIBLE !!!!
(there is a LOT of waiting time for systems to can work, this takes a HUGE
amount of time)my system is BORING as hell, I worked on it for yearSSSbut
it wins day after day after dayI'm willing to spend 7/8/ up
to 10 hours for just a 3,5% bankrol increaseslowwwwwwwww and
steady is the ONLY real way to can win continuouslyI see
people betting like 150 dollar each spin on a 1000 dollar bankrol2) having no plan at alla
lot of people have a 'we will see what (...)

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